Snowman Demo

Entega Denkanstoß 'Snowman Demo'

Live Editing

Trigger Happy Productions realised a public art and information event under the creative direction of Ralf Schmerberg and lead agency DDB, Berlin.
Entega, distributor of sustainable energy, conceived and enabled a snowman protest against climate change, spreading the call to “Save Us!”.
Members of the public were invited to build snowmen as unique, individual, diverse, and distinctive as themselves. Together they transformed 8,000 square meters into a creative snowfield.
The snowman protest was accompanied by various entertaining and informative attractions that raised awareness of climate issues.
Under the motto “Denkanstöße” (impulses for thought), the campaign delivered rich food for thought and proved to be a huge success.

This event took place in january 2010 and was documented every day. Each day 10 two-minute-movies were shot, edited and put online strait away.

Client: entega (green electricity provider)
Agency: mindpirates berlin
Production: Trigger Happy Productions
Artist: Ralf Schmerberg